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PT.Transact+ from Pulse Solutions

All New PT.Transact+ App Revolutionises Personal Trainer Business

Professional payments for personal trainers.

Last year, the release of a new app called PT.Transact forever changed the personal training industry and the way billing and payments are handled. This year, the makers of PT.Transact are looking to revolutionise personal trainer payments yet again with the release of the all new PT.Transact+ app.

Amongst the many great enhancements in PT.Transact+, there is a strong focus on giving trainers the tools to improve the professionalism, branding and client service of their business.

For example, invoices can now be texted directly to clients, who then pay online just by tapping a special link in the text message. Once payment has been made, the client receives a receipt via email. The email not only shows the trainer’s logo and other branding, it conveniently displays a complete payment history for that invoice, as well as a report on the sessions performed by the client. Clients can also go online and view their payment and session history at any time. When payment is made, the trainer is immediately notified by push notification directly on their iPhone as well as by email. The client’s records in the app are automatically updated via the cloud.

New trends in personal training business models are also catered for in PT.Transact+. For example, your session credit-style packages can be sold to clients. Session credits allow you to sell a block of sessions, then deduct any amount you want from the client’s credit balance each time you perform a session. This lets you sell say $1,000 in session credit to a client, then deduct $60 from that balance for your one-on-one sessions, and $35 for your group-ex sessions.

PT.Transact completely automates the task of managing the client’s session credit balance.

Other enhancements include a much simplified approach to the completely paperless, automated recurring direct debit system, the ability to quickly switch between accounts (great for trainers who operate in a number of different locations), the ability to sell and track sessions of different types for each client (such as one-on-one, group-ex, bootcamp, etc), and much more.

PT.Transact is currently loved and used by over 4,000 personal trainers worldwide, and is rapidly becoming the industry standard for PT payments and client management.

As one happy trainer wrote in a review on the Apple App Store, “…If I had to get rid of all apps for my business and could only keep one, [PT.Transact] would be the one that I would choose.” (Rachel Browning Wellness).

PT.Transact+ will be officially launched at this year’s Australian Fitness and Health Expo 2015, PulseTec Solutions Stand M7. Amazingly, for all the benefits if affords personal trainers, PT.Transact+ will be completely free to download with no ongoing monthly subscription fees.

You can download the current version of PT.Transact today and find out what thousands of successful trainers have already discovered, that PT.Transact is the only tool elite trainers need for their business.

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