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MYZONE - The MZ50 Watch

MYZONE – The MZ50 Watch

The MZ50 Watch, used in conjunction with the MYZONE Physical Activity Belt, provides a cutting edge cost efficient experience for the user.

A key feature of the MZ50 Watch is that it receives a coded signal from the MYZONE Belt, ensuring that only the MYZONEBelt paired to the MZ50 Watch will be received by the device. This eliminates any chance of interference from other devices in the same area.

Additional features of the MZ50 Watch include a display of % of Max Heart Rate, calories burnt, MEP’s earned (MYZONE Effort Points), beats per minute, as well as a zone display, showing the user which colour coded heart rate zone they are training in. Add this to time mode, personal information, stop watch (counting 1/100 second), countdown timer and interval timer and the MZ50 Watch is a formidable piece of exercise technology.

The MZ50 Watch support’s MYZONE’s continued commitment to heart rate training, ensuring that through world class technology, the needs and challenges of businesses and individuals are met and exceeded.

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