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Myzone Launch MZ-Book for 2018

Class Scheduling Now Available From Myzone

As we near the end of 2018, Myzone is getting ready to release the final new features from the 2018 road map.

MZ-Book is the latest feature be launched and like MZ-Instruct, fits in with the existing Myzone offering for clubs, bringing even greater value to the Myzone System for operators.

MZ-Book is a class booking feature within the Myzone app. It allows operators to upload a class schedule directly into the owners account so that members can reserve a spot in any class within the Club Branded Myzone app.

You can determine the amount of spaces available, the location of the rooms, whether there is an extra cost and even build and book a particular spot, such as a bike.

What is unique about MZ-Book is that not only do instructors get visibility of all participants as soon as members book and check into a class, but the ability to quickly and easily connect with participants through Myzone, thus building and strengthening the digital connection and community within a club. Oh… and it also allows waiting lists, with push notifications if someone cancels and a spot becomes available and unlike most booking apps, your customers can still view your timetable offline.

Users do not require a Myzone belt to download and register a Myzone account at a club as Myzone have set up the use for anyone.

Dave Wright says “MZ-Book is our next feature on from Myzone 3.0 to be released. Once again this is offered at zero extra cost. MZ-Book is a fantastic way to improve Myzone awareness and usage at clubs and is an ideal tool for those who do not offer an online or app based booking function”.

MZ-Book is live today and can actually work standalone from your Membership Management System. However, a simple integration with your MMS can also help create a frictionless member experience even tieing into your payment provider to take payments and buy credits through the app.

Activate MZ-Book:
If you would like to activate MZ-Book for your facility today, email support@myzone.org

As part of Myzone’s 2018 road map, the MZ-Fitness Test, and MZ-Instruct are already live, with MZ-Body Scan, MZ-Motion and MZ-20 Home Scale preparing to be launched before the end of 2018


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