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MYZONE - Fitness World Durham North Carolina

MYZONE Celebrates 4000 License Milestone

Chicago – February, 2017 – MYZONE, the global wearable technology company, announced this month the installation of its 4,000 license with premier fitness facility, Fitness World located in Durham, North Carolina in the United States.

“American College of Sports Medicine have called wearables the #1 trend in fitness for 2 years running,” said MYZONE Founder and CEO Dave Wright, “Our accelerating growth rate is displaying that, in fact December 2016 was our biggest month to date, and January 2017 was bigger again, the wave is certainly here, we are thrilled to have reached 4000 licenses in over 30 countries.”

Developed by experts in the fitness industry, MYZONE uses live in club heart rate tracking, smartphone based gamification, and social media mechanisms to track, incentivise and keep users accountable to the effort they apply.

In January of 2017, MYZONE boasted 53,427 MYZONE users who burnt more than 6,000 calories each. Throughout February MYZONE are running a Heart Health challenge where users who earn effort points earn tickets into the prize draw to win $5,000, an example of the gamification MYZONE apply to affect exercise behaviour.

“Our overall goal is to help operators engage their members, both intrinsically and extrinsically, assisting them to obtain the health and fitness results he/she wants,” said MYZONE President, Emmett Williams.

“The digital aspect MYZONE provides enhances each members brick and mortar experience which, in turn, benefits each operator financially through stronger lifetime value per member. As an example of that, our quantitive studies have shown 21% greater retention with member’s who use MYZONE over those that don’t”.

Premier fitness facility, Fitness World plans to incorporate MYZONE technology in a small group personal training program called “AMP” or Athletic Movement and Performance. The program utilises a HIIT style of workout, in which heart rate monitoring is a key element.

“Our staff and participants love the real-time feedback they get when they are working out, and with MYZONE, they are encouraged to not only at times work harder, but also work smarter. Whether you’re the fittest person in the room, or someone new to exercise, the MYZONE Effort Point system encourages everyone in the room,” said Fitness World Manager, Ben Kirchner.

MYZONE is currently represented in 4,000 facilities in 35 countries and was recently recognised as the Best Overall Wearable at the 2016 Wearable Technology Show.

Wearables are the number one trend in fitness. Find out all you need to know on how your club can benefit from MYZONE – enquire below.


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