A New Sales Tool That May Just Give You The Edge

Managing the lead-to-sale process is a vital operation for all businesses in the fitness space.

Leads generated from any source including local outreach, lead box campaigns, your website, email/SMS, social media marketing, PPC campaigns and any other sales funnels you have out there, need to be managed at every stage in order to maximise the return from your marketing efforts (and dollars) and to measure the success of each of your campaigns.

If you are active with lead generation, the last thing you want is nightmarish administration or software that causes you to stumble on the follow up and that all-important opportunity of saying “we’re really glad you decided to join today!” You need those members right!

Need a ray of light? It may just come from MyMemberSales.

MyMemeberSales is a new mobile friendly sales tool from Jonas Leisure, designed to make your sales process (therefore life) a whole lot easier by minimising admin, allocating prospect sales and tracking lead-to-sale performance.

Jonas Leisure Business Manager Ian Wilcock said while many leisure and fitness software providers claim to have sales management functionality built in, few if any had achieved a functional solution.

MyMemberSales can factor in the way bookings, tours and appointments are structured, create targeted marketing messaging, automate sales staff workflow and at the same time provide your business with a level of sales intelligence you may not already have.

Every business needs transparency from their sales information – it could just be what you’re looking for.

For more information about MyMemberSales from Jonas Leisure enquire below.

Jonas Leisure provides a range of leading leisure and fitness management software across Australasia, for organisations ranging from council leisure facilities and aquatic centres to private swim schools and fitness centres.

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