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MOOV NOW - Personal Fitness Coach

The Most Advanced Fitness Wearable In The World

Meet Moov – your personal fitness coach that speaks to you” while you workout!

Moov…. “Welcome to day 5 of your training”

Moov tracks your form in 3D space, syncing wirelessly to your Smartphone. It even keeps track whilst your away from your device.

Wether your in the pool or on the road, Moov encourages you to make it to the top….“This is your toughest hill so far, you can do it”

Moov minimises the chance of injury….”you impact is too high, land softer” and corrects your form “lengthen your stride”….”good job”

Moov is waterproof and detects your precise motion for every single stroke, turn and break.

moov keeps track of the data while you focus on your swim. And whatever your fitness goals are, moov pushes you past your plateau…“one, two, come on, one more” and teaches you new techniques to help you perform better….”now switch you gear” With moov you can conquer the road.

Moov is with you during every movement of every day and every night. You can eat and connect across all sports and improve your performance step by step.

Moov is your personal fitness coach!

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