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Meet the Modular Group Trainer, by International Fitness

The concept is simple, the end result is impressive.

The Modular Group Trainer (MGT) by International Fitness offers a modern, space efficient solution to clubs of all sizes looking for a group training or functional circuit system.

There are five main stations to choose from, and they are connected together by monkey bars. The monkey bars are ideal for body weight exercices such as chin ups, or to hang suspension bands or olympic rings from.

Clubs without the space to have the stations separated by the bridges, can connect the stations directly together.

Each station provides a multitude of exercise options. Chin ups, kettle bell racks, battle rope rails and much more are inbuilt into various stations. The Boxing and Stretching stations feature mounts to suit our optional Dip bars and Plyo platforms. While the Half Rack station includes chin up bar and weight storage pins.

There are many combinations available to allow you to design the system to suit your training philosophy. The modular nature of our MGT allows you to expand your system over time as your client base or available space increases.

Recent installations include:

David Kuhnemann of Lifestyle Health Clubs in Logan Central says of the MGT,

“Our Trainers feel that this is an amazing piece of equipment and this should fill a big void that’s been missing in the fitness industry. This allows people to think outside the box and add a new dimension to individuals training.”

Not only does the MGT provide a whole new activity and classes that our members and trainers love, but it has made it easier to organise and keep our club clutter free. There is no wasted space on the stations, almost every space is used as racking for our medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes and bands.

To find out more about the Modular Group Trainer by International Fitness click here.

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