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Misfit Shine Adds Some Style To Getting Fit

For those clients who like their motivation with a hint of glamour, the Misfit Shine will be a welcome addition to their workout ensemble.

The Misfit Shine is an elegant activity and sleep monitor that inspires users to live a more active life.

Shine emits a halo of lights that shows your progress towards your daily activity goal, while looking fashionable. By seeing how active you are, Shine helps motivate users to reach their goal every day.

Shine tracks running, walking, cycling, swimming (up to 50m deep) and other activities. The Misfit App turns your fitness data into easy to read charts.

Seeing your daily stats like steps, calories, distance and sports activities help you visualise where you’re headed and where you want to be.

Shine’s long-lasting battery and automatic wireless syncing mean you’ll worry less about charging and more about staying active.

Shine can be worn anywhere and for any occasion. Dress it up or dress it down – you choose. The additional range of sleek accessories includes a sports band, leather bands, necklaces and clips designed for comfort, versatility and style.

Shine was designed to complement any fashion statement.

Diamond-cut aluminum makes Shine as beautiful and durable as your favorite jewelry and watches. And with a thinness of just 4mm at its edge, it’s so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Wear it how you want, wherever you want for any occasion.

Misfit Shine is available from Apple, Move, Dick Smith, Officeworks and online for $89.95.  Leather bands are also available for $59.95 or hand polished stainless steel Bloom necklace for $99.95.

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