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A Minute in the Life of Facebook

There are not many people who are NOT active on Facebook. We have our own personal pages and most companies you can name probably have their own Facebook page. Gyms, health clubs, personal trainers, personal training studios and fitness centres, including your competition, have a page. And everyone is posting at some point in the day, every day.

Companies are trying to get you to see their latest offering or newest contest. Your competition are touting their newest classes, referral programs, latest equipment, workout trials, special offers, membership discounts and incentives or freebies to give away. And your friends are posting pictures of the food they are eating or the trip they are on.

Adding up all this sharing on Facebook has led to the social media service to filter what makes it on to people’s news feed. So, did you ever wonder just how much actual ‘stuff’ happens on Facebook every minute? The smart team at SumoCoupon have pulled together statistics from multiple website data, including Facebook and came up with ‘A Minute in the Life of Facebook’.

Highlights of what happens every minute include:

  • 500 new accounts created every minute
  • Over 243,000 photos uploaded every minute
  • 100,000 Friend requests sent every minute
  • Over 3.2 million items shared every minute
  • 323 days of Youtube videos viewed on Facebook every minute
  • Keep this in mind when you are creating your next Facebook post.

The full infographic above is provided courtesy of SumoCoupon.

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