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Millennials – What Makes Them Tick?

The short, sharp workout that Les Mills SPRINT offers, is exactly what the millennial demographic are searching for, so take your members training to the next level and meet their needs with a workout that’s focused on quick results.

Why should you care? 

Millennials currently make up 50 per cent of the world’s population and 50 per cent of the regular exercisers doing gym type activities. As a health club manager, reaching potential and existing members can mean a big difference in new membership and retention rates. Millennials are a highly active generation in terms of fitness and social media and a target demographic you need to keep up with.

UK active recently released research as to the reasons
members leave their health club and found that 18 to 34 year olds had a bad last workout.

What do millennials want?

  • Short, sharp workouts
  • Global trends like HIIT brought to local facilities
  • An indoor bike workout and new style coaching that SPRINT delivers
  • That afterburn and results HIIT delivers

How does SPRINT meet these needs? 

In just 30 minutes, Les Mills SPRINT will challenge participant’s physical and mental limits. They will persevere through bursts of speed, strength and power intervals, working as hard as possible, preparing for the next level with short periods of recovery. It’s all done on a stationary bike, so there are no complex moves. The rewards are high and participants will burn calories for hours after stepping off the bike!

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