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Gain the Competitive Edge with Fitness Seminars

In the competitive market of health and fitness services it’s often difficult to find a unique proposition that will draw new and existing clients your way.  Justin Tamsett from Active Management has found a super successful seminar model that has seen him reap a 7 to 17 per cent increase yield from current clients and over 240 new clients in the past year.

“I had been running seminars for some time and wanted to make sure that I had learnt from the best and understood exactly what was necessary to be really excellent every time. Eventually I took the steps to work with a presentation coach to assist me to make my dream happen” said Tamsett.

After much research he engaged the help of Australia’s persuasive presentation skills expert Michelle Bowden. Bowden is the best selling author of How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Wiley) and quickly learnt what he needed to do be become a brilliant presenter and MC. In particular, Tamsett learedt about the psychology and physiology behind being confident and overcoming his fear of public speaking, as well as a foolproof a step-by-step plan on how to put a powerful presentation learned the tricks for becoming a brilliant public speaker who can really wow a crowd. Within months, he was reaping the rewards from his seminars and was providing extra value to his existing clients, while also attracting new ones to his business.

Here are Justin’s top tips for running a successful seminar:

  • Partner. Partner with reputable (even celebrity) experts on related subjects: nutritionists, image consultants, communication skills experts who add credibility through association.
  • Venue. Ensure the venue you are holding your seminar is welcoming. It must be aesthetically attractive and the right temperature – not too cold or too hot to keep the audience comfortable.
  • Welcome. Upon arrival, your guests should be welcomed and greeted with direct, connected eye contact, a friendly smile and a confident handshake.
  • Catering. Have refreshments, sweets, and depending on your seminar you may even consider a light supper meal for your guests – it shows you care for them and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Punctuality. Start and finish on time, be organised with your seating arrangements and make sure any technical devices are working prior to commencing.
  • Collateral. Leave a company branded, impressive information folder that outlines who you are and what you can do for your clients on the seats for your guests to take home with them.
  • Follow-up. Ensure that you phone each and every attendee from the seminar in person. Talk with them about their needs and be sure to ask for the business where possible.

Here are Michelle Bowden’s top tips for presenting:

Michelle  says “anyone can be an exceptional presenter who influences an audience, it’s just a matter of knowing what to do and doing it”. Here’s how:

  • Analyse your audience. Know who is coming by name, where they come from and their reason for attending.
  • Prepare. Design your message well in advance and practice so you don’t need to read out any part of your presentation on the day.
  • Break the Ice. Open with a catchy statistic or fact that astounds your audience and impresses them from the start.
  • Slides should sizzle! Use simple, clear slides with beautiful images that wow your audience and compel them to align with you.
  • Use your body. Ensure your body language and facial expressions reinforce your message. Practice in front of a mirror or film yourself if necessary.
  • Manage your self-talk. Tell yourself, “I’ve done the work and I am ready”. Love your content. Love your audience. Believe in yourself.
  • Examples bring it alive. Use client examples to reinforce your points. This is called social proof and is a key influence strategy that works. Just remember that if you are going to use your client’s real name then either state you have their permission, or ideally have them in the room to tell their own story. Stories are way more likely to be remembered by your clients than slides full of numbers.

To read more from Justin Tamsett check out the Autumn 2014 issue of the What’s New in Fitness Magazine.

About Justin Tamsett Justin (JT) is recognised world wide as a thought leader who challenges the status quo in business. Knowing you can only achieve what you have always achieved within your comfort zone, JT takes owners, mangers and teams out of their comfort zone. He’s a highly sort after coach and speaker as he shares practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.  He has presented in 15 countries, worked with 356 individual businesses and over 10,000 personal trainers. Now with 100’s of clubs world wide as members of Active Management he can #enhance their businesses directly.  You can also become a member at

About Michelle Bowden Michelle Bowden is Australia’s presentation and influencing skills expert and one of only 35 female Certified Speaking Professionals in Australia. This is the highest designation for speakers in the world.  Michelle is the author of How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually work (Wiley), and STOP! Your PowerPoint is Killing Me! For further tips and techniques to dramatically improve the way you communicate, present and influence please visit

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