Me-Mover: Voted World’s Best In Outdoor Fitness

Article updated November 2023.

Voted “The world’s best in outdoor fitness” throughout Europe, Me-Mover group training is available for PT’s to offer clients around Australia.

Originally crowd funded in Denmark the Me-Mover is an outdoor stepper bike designed to carve and tone 6 out of 8 major muscle groups. Studies show increased muscle activation and greater caloric burn when compared with running and cycling, meaning your clients are able to achieve a full body work out in less time.

Many exercises only target an isolated muscle group, rarely teaching the body how to activate the core. The 45 degree carving motion of the Me-Mover creates postural instability which results in significant core activation and makes it an effective and superior fitness tool.

The low impact nature of the Me-Mover makes it ideal for all ages and fitness abilities, including injury recovery as it enhances balance, core stabilisation and minimises impact on joints or tendons.

PT’s in Europe have developed a training program that targets beginners through to athletes utilising the Me-Mover through a full range of motion in routines that engage the entire body, whilst being outdoors and having fun.

Studies have proven that Me-Mover exercise activities can be directly compared, in terms of their ESTiTM parameters, with an array of Normal exercise activities: e.g. lower body – squats, launches, jogging and push-ups, and upper body – sit-ups, sit-ups cross, natural running, launches and jogging.

The use of a Me-Mover activates not only peripheral muscles, but also core body muscles such as back and abdomen. The activities can be intense when the user wishes a good work-out, but also gentle on joints such as the knees and hips, being free from impact related problems associated with running and jogging on hard surface for example.

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An array of exercise techniques can be combined into one device and a more sustained work-out can be achieved with a Me-Mover, activating a greater number of body muscles more of the time.

Key Benefits of Me-Moving:

  • Intense cardio workout
  • Low impact on joints
  • Activates 6 of 8 major muscle groups
  • Significant core activation due to carving motion
  • Fun way to exercise outdoors

This is an opportunity to be one of the first in Australia to offer Me-Mover group training to attract new clientele and help keep existing clients motivated.

For fitness professionals, creating enjoyable and effective exercise programs that your clients will love is essential and the Me-Mover makes it easy.

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