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Matt And Monica Thom Launch 84DayBC Program

We all know that exercising daily, getting rid of the bad stuff and drinking plenty of water are fundamental steps to better health. But what you might not know – and what the 84-day Body Challenge (84DayBC) teaches – is that doing these things is futile unless you first rid your body of years of acid build up.

Emotional stress, anger, frustration, processed foods and poor, nutrition-deficient diets cause acid to build up in our bodies. This acid waste moves around us via the blood and lymphatic system until our overloaded kidneys decide to dump them as fatty deposits.

As part of the 84DayBC, best-selling authors, world fitness champions, qualified personal trainers and parents of two, Matt and Monica Thom, teach subscribers how to remove the acid from the body, dissolve these fatty deposits and to go on to lead more energised lives.

Acidity is not a new concept but one that is often overlooked in fitness and wellbeing programs. In 1933, Dr William Howard Hay published a ground-breaking book, A New Health Era, in which he maintained that all disease is caused by “auto-toxication” (or “self-poisoning”) due to acid accumulation in the body.

“Toxic waste leaves fatty deposits as far away from the organs as possible; on the buttocks, the chest, the thighs and the stomach. This acid also travels to the weakest points of the body causing us to feel aches and pains due to lack of oxygen and high acidity in body tissue. Only an alkaline body will let go of fat,” says Monica Thom, cofounder 84DayBC.”

“Your knowledge of food and how it affects your body shape will be something you can take with you from 84DayBC and apply to the rest of your life,” she continues.

As part of the 84DayBC program subscribers will receive daily nutrition and mindset challenges as well as one exercise to complete – tailored to the individual’s level of fitness –which accumulates into a full training session on the seventh day.

There are also shopping lists and menu plans incorporating easy-to-prepare alkaline-based meals.

Subscribers can also choose the way they participate either by watching, listening or reading their way through the program by choosing videos, MP3s or PDFs, making the program accessible to a far wider pool of people than other programs out there via the online platform or the app

There is also a private 84DayBC Facebook group where subscribers have direct access to unlimited support from Matt and Monica and the entire 84DayBC family and team.

“We put this program together as we wanted to reach out and help more people in all parts of the globe, of all ages and of all background,” says Matt Thom, 84DayBC cofounder. “Importantly, Monica and I have a family ourselves and understand how difficult it can be to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into a busy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve made our program easy and accessible to everyone. Yes, we show you ways to get the body alkaline but importantly Monica and I are here with you over an 84 day journey that will teach you how to eat, move and think ‘wellness’ for life,” he continues.

The 84DayBC program is available for $197.

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