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Matrix Fitness Australia Facility Reopening Guide

Cheering you on from a distance!

As extended club closures are nearing their end, your facility is approaching a unique reopening period that is highly dependent on your members’ readiness to rejoin the public space.


Download our Guide below for more detailed information on how to maintain your equipment after a shutdown, a checklist of starting up equipment and some key tips on operating protocols.


In order to maintain your desired perception within your community, take extra precautions to prepare your facility and staff to serve with care and confidence.

Let’s work together to protect our community, as well as our equipment by following these cleaning guidelines:





Assuming you had previously powered down your equipment, go through the following steps to power restart the equipment:

  • If the machine has a power switch, ensure the switch is in the OFF position
  • Turn circuit breakers back on
  • Plug each machine back in. If the machine has a power switch, flip it to the ON position.
  • Once powered on, check all machines for error codes. If any errors are shown, power the unit down and wait one minute before powering back up. If error codes persist, contact Matrix Customer Technical Support.

For battery-powered equipment such as the Training Cycles and other Bikes, the cardio must be operated to charge the batteries, otherwise our service team can assist with external battery charging.

Follow the below steps to restart your Cardio equipment:

  • Turn all cardio off and turn back on after 5 minutes.
  • Turn off facility Wi-Fi/Internet Connection to avoid any automatic updates on consoles processing.
  • Cardio will take between 5-10 minutes to complete software reset and loading (Windows based Cardio dated Pre-2018 may take longer).
  • Assess Cardio Equipment for any error codes. Please log any issues on the Matrix Service Portal and the team will make contact to assist with further trouble shooting and if required send a technician to site to resolve any issues.
  • Once all consoles are running, press ‘1001’ then enter on the keypad of each machine to enter management mode
  • Head to the network settings options
  • Ensure Automatic Updates are ‘un-Ticked’
  • completed on all units turn Wifi/Internet back on.

Any software updates we recommend being completed by a Matrix technician. Please contact the support team on 1800 006 969 to arrange a scheduled maintenance visit, or press below to log a service request.


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