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Matrix Announces 7xi Software Update

New programs and expanded functionality enhance workout experience

Matrix Fitness is improving the 7xi user experience with a remote software update that will add programming and new functionality to the brand’s most advanced console. Built on a platform designed for evolution, the 7xi keeps users connected to the most current entertainment, social networking, and fitness tracking.

“Facility staff and members will notice that the display looks different, and that is because we are pushing out improvements that will load automatically. Customers will find new programming, such as the science-based interval-training Sprint 8® workout, which burns more calories, builds more muscle, and improves overall fitness in just 20 minutes, three times a week,” said Andrew Kolman, director of console technology. “We designed the 7xi to accommodate updates and improvements to keep the user experience as up-to-the-moment as possible.”

New Programming

The software update brings two new programs to the 7xi:

  • Sprint 8 – Sprint 8 is a science-based High Intensity Interval Training program that burns fat, builds lean muscle and improves endurance in just 20 minutes, three times a week. (Available on 7xi treadmill, Suspension Elliptical, Ascent Trainer and cycles.)
  • Landmarks – Exclusive to the 7xi ClimbMill and stepper, the Landmarks program enables users to scale 11 of the most famous buildings, monuments and wonders of the world. This program takes the climbing workout out of the gym and into the world.

Improved Features

  • Facebook* – Users can check news feeds, timelines and inboxes, while liking posts, viewing links and perusing comments.
  • Twitter* – A new user interface provides views of feeds and access to direct messages. Users can favorite tweets, find trending topics, plus they can retweet and more directly from the 7xi console.
  • MyFitnessPal* – Users can monitor goals, track progress, view nutritional intake details and more – all from the 7xi screen. Updates expand access to users’ historical data and improve progress graphing for more detailed and informative visual feedback.
  • YouTube – The redesigned user interface features sweeping updates of the app, which now provides access to playlists of the most popular and recent YouTube videos. Users can also select a region to access the content they care about most.
  • Weather – A new user interface provides live, localized weather updates and allows users to monitor other favorite locations. Refreshable hour-by-hour forecasts and extended weekly forecasts keep users informed while on the 7xi.
  • Enhanced Android Compatibility – The 7xi now supports multi-media playback of more Android devices.
  • Remote Console Access – Remote Console Access allows the Matrix customer tech support team to access your consoles for troubleshooting and technical support.

*All personal account features require account linking in order to function.

The 7xi software update will be pushed to customers on July 27, 2015. Unless facilities manually set a different update schedule, internet-connected 7xi consoles will update automatically at 1am local time.

In addition to the software updates, Matrix is also rolling out a package of marketing support materials featuring how-to video modules, print graphics, social media and newsletter templates, and the Sprint 8 Training Guide. Customers should contact their local Matrix Fitness sales representative to obtain the complimentary marketing package.

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