Lorna Jane Launches The Fit Challenge

In a company first, leading activewear brand, Lorna Jane, has launched The Fit Challenge to educate women about how to improve their health and lead their very best active lives.

Launched on 13 January, The Fit Challenge includes exercises exclusively developed by Lorna Jane Clarkson‟s personal trainer, nourishing recipes and inspirational advice to teach women how to set up lifelong healthy habits.

Lorna Jane Founder and Active Living Advocate, Lorna Jane Clarkson, said The Fit Challenge was unlike other 12-week challenges as women could start at any time and the program would offer ongoing guidance with online teachers giving advice along the way.

“The Fit Challenge educates women about how to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves and teaches them how to incorporate Active Living into their everyday lives on an ongoing basis,” Lorna says. “Active Living is about moving your body every day, nourishing with healthy food and believing anything is possible if you‟re willing to work for it. I honestly believe that if you incorporate Move Nourish and Believe into your daily life you will look and feel absolutely amazing.”

Lorna said she decided to create the program after discovering obesity rates in Australia are increasing at an all time high, which is leading to life threatening health complications.

“Obesity is responsible for the rapid escalation of type 2 diabetes as well as heart attacks and strokes and something needs to be done to stop this epidemic,” she says. “I hope this challenge teaches women how to make the right food choices and shows how easy it is to make moving your body a part of your everyday routine and we can turn this epidemic around.”

The Fit Challenge encourages women to move their bodies every single day, with short and effective workouts to fit into women‟s hectic schedules. The exercise component is available online, with updates being added on a regular basis to keep content fresh and exciting.

Exclusively developed by Lorna‟s personal trainer, the “MOVE” guide is suitable for all levels of fitness and focuses on a three-phase cycle, ranging from initial flexibility and technique, to timed, high intensity exercises. The guide also includes step-by-step instructions on each exercise, technique do‟s and don‟ts plus motivational tips from Lorna.

The Nourish component of the Challenge includes a Clean and Simple Eating book, which proves how quick, easy and affordable it is to prepare healthy and delicious meals.

In addition to the online MOVE guide and Clean and Simple Eating book, The Fit Challenge also includes a 12-week Active Living planner to record your progress and inspirational Lorna Jane singlet, which is available online and in all Lorna Jane stores for $100.

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