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Group Fitness Craze Hits Australia

The Latest European Group Fitness Craze Hits Australia – Indoor Walking

The Extreme Elliptical Group Fitness Revolution is here.

Indoorwalking is the first group cardio class performed on purpose built cross trainers with music support & certified trainers. It is the latest group fitness craze in Europe with over 600 clubs offering Indoorwalking classes.

Now Orbit is bringing this full body workout to Australia!

Indoorwalking stimulates more muscle groups than any other fitness equipment.  Classes feature an intense upper and lower body exercise with low fatigue awareness which enables participants to burn more calories in 30 minutes than other cardio group activities can in 45 minutes. 

Unlike spin, the body is in a natural upright position, fully supported, so the workout appeals to a broader demographic than other cardio activities.  Suitable for all ages from kids the seniors. The indoorwalking action simulates your natural walking movement at different incline levels from flat to mountain climbing.

Classes are fun & engaging with music accompanying the changes in speed and incline throughout the workout.

How will Indoorwalking Group Cardio benefit your fitness centre?

  • Attracts new member & increases retention of existing members.
  • Helps to manage traffic efficiently in the busiest times of the day with an extra activity offered for cardio workout.
  • Great for short time slots particularly in lunchtime spots – Only 30 minutes.
  • Defines your club as a premium market innovator.
  • Very space efficient 2m2 & easily moved on its wheels (weighs 81kg).
  • History shows Indoor walking classes don’t take numbers from spin classes, it actually increases group cardio activity in the fitness centre.

How can I become an instructor?
As Orbit rolls out Indoorwalking across Australia there will be exciting opportunities for newly certified instructors to get in on the ground floor. Initial certification to Level 1, is a 1-2 day course which will provide you with a strong base from which to efficiently lead an Indoorwalking session. Please contact orbit with expressions of interest on 1300 13 42 14 or email

Orbit will be holding hourly free 30minute group cardio classes on the 4th, 5th, & 6th of April.  Come to Booth N34 in the General fitness Area and try indoorwalking for your self.

For more information on trialling indoorwalking at your club, becoming an instructor, attending a class or acquiring an indoorwalker for home use (DVD available) please contact Orbit Fitness on 1300 13 42 13 & visit

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