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Kids Fitness - Shaping The Future

Kid’s Fitness – Shaping The Future

[dropcap_green]I[/dropcap_green]f you’re patient, adaptable, passionate, outgoing and willing to get down to their level, delivering fitness programs to children can be a truly rewarding career choice.

For individual trainers, there is plenty of work available with schools and/or after-school care programs; or, of course, you can simply expand your PT offerings and market them directly to existing clients who have children. Similarly, for clubs, getting your staff qualified to work with children means you can, potentially, attract and retain entire families as members of your facility. So, if you are interested in positively influencing the health and fitness levels of the next generation, then here are a few courses that will qualify you and/or your staff to deliver fitness activities to children; and, most likely, ensure you are eligible to secure insurance cover to do so.

FitNation ( has several kids’ fitness courses available, including a Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition for Children, which is available online or via correspondence. Graduates of the course are qualified to run group fitness sessions for children, as well as one-to-one sessions for kids. The aim of this course is to learn how to encourage kids to adopt a fit and healthy lifestyle. It includes student support and is broken into three sections: group exercise for children; personal training for children; and nutrition for children, and costs $450 for FitNation members ($500 for non-members).

Mini-Moves is another course delivered by FitNation. This course aims to improve fitness in kids, through fun, pre-choreographed programs. If you’re a qualified Fitness Instructor or Personal Trainer, you can take part in this nationally accredited course. Course fees are $550 for FitNation members ($600 for non-members); plus equipment – get everything you need to start your own business, from skittles to hoops, bean bags, hurdles and much more.

Fit Kids Australia
Fit Kids Australia ( offers two-day weekend courses in Sydney for $250 and offer employment to those who pass the assessment at the end of the course. The Fit Kids philosophy is to ensure that in every single activity, all children are included, and they all try their hardest, so that they develop a positive association with physical activity. The program is ideal for use by primary school and after-school care and includes activities such as kids’ boot camp, extreme dodge ball, water based outdoor fitness games, sports-specific coaching and even a mini Olympics.

Core Camp 4 KIDS®
Joe developed the Core Camp 4 KIDS® ( as a program for schools, holiday programs and after-school centres to gives kids a taste of all different sports and skills. The children pick a buddy and work with them rather than in a big group, which reduces their fear of competition, intimidation or failure. The focus is on ‘building buddies, not bullies’. Joe runs one-day face-to-face modules in Brisbane for $149, though he does also travel interstate where there is sufficient interest from a group. These modules are Fitness Australia-registered so come with Continuing Education Credits. After the module is complete you can choose to purchase a license, which allows you to set up your own Core Camp 4 KIDS® groups in your area.

iKiFit ( is an original concept that has been running for over 10 years and is currently practiced in over 50 schools nationwide. Children participate in a group setting with their own iKiStick, which is used to simulate various sports and games. ‘Once you’ve been trained in how to run the classes, you pretty much get 99% compliance from the kids’, says iKiFit’s Kim Macrae, ‘We explain the rules and they just get it’. You can complete the online course within a day, for $295. You will then receive the tools and support from iKiFit to help you obtain work from schools and after-school centres. For optimal success it’s recommended that you have your Certificate III and IV in Fitness, as well as some experience in working with children.

Interested in something a little less mainstream?
Why not try:
•    Tai Chi 4 Kidz (, which allows you to become qualified via an instructional DVD
•    Yoga for Kids ( which offer face-to-face courses all over Australia
•    Zumbatomic® (, which is a high-energy dance workout for primary school students.

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