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Justin Tamsett To Participate In Total Impact Series

Justin Tamsett Featured With Business Experts On Business #GROWTH

This year, business and marketing expert Ash Ghandehari from the USA invited Justin Tamsett to participate in the Total IMPACT Series.

“This was an amazing opportunity to be featured with some of the world’s leading on-line business mentors; successful business owners and leaders in their field. Plus we got to use very cool technology to record the interviews!” said Justin. “If you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a meeting of top earners and performers, this is your chance as every interview has been converted to a video!”

The interesting business model, if you could call it a business, is that it doesn’t cost a cent to watch a video twice a week for four weeks.

People who attend the Total IMPACT Series get exclusive access to the expert panel as they discuss how to grow your business with just one hour per day of effort and:

  • How to create massive windfall profits by leveraging the fastest growing technology since the Gutenberg Printing Press.
  • Why focusing on sales while ignoring your brand (read: your sense of ethics) is not only killing your sales… it’s sapping your energy and increasing your chances of burn out (the #1 cause of failed businesses in the United States).
  • What financial experts say is the right balance between sales, marketing, production, and putting profits into your pocket.
  • PLUS: Find out how to get access to 20 of the world’s most powerful business experts 100% free… this is like getting an MBA for the cost of… well, nothing!
  • And much more!

Don’t pass this opportunity up to get insider access to some of the brightest minds in business growth hacking today.

If you want your 2015 to be your best year ever, then I’ll “see” you at the Total IMPACT Video Series. It’s a rare opportunity to receive free insights into ongoing business growth strategies.

Use the enquiry form below to reserve your “virtual seat” or to find out more from Justin.


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