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It’s All About How You reACT!

Want to offer your members an all-in-one workout that utilises non-impact exercise with anaerobic training? Your members can experience rapid strength gains in just two short sessions per week with the reACT Trainer, offering non-impact, time-efficient workouts for members of all ages and fitness levels.

The reACT Trainer, available through EYE Fitness, is a uniquely designed fitness machine focused on eccentric muscle conditioning of the lower body. It is the one and only machine in the fitness world designed to focus on your muscles’ shock absorption function, rapid strength gain and anaerobic exercise.

Proven benefits of the reACT include:
• Rapid increases in muscle mass, strength, and power compared to other training methods
• Improved balance, coordination, and kinesthetic awareness
• Improved core strength and stability
• Injury prevention by improving the muscles ability to absorb force

Incorporating reACT into your facility is made simple with training and support to ensure ROI, member use and competitive advantage. EYE Fitness also offers interactive workshops for you and your staff in order to use the reACT Trainer as a powerful sales tool. Join the number of professional athletes, sporting teams and health club facilities that are enjoying the reACT difference.

Check out our video demonstrations, testimonials and product specs at  or phone our sales team on 1800 771 079 for a personalised quote.

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