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Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

I have a website, so it can be viewed on a smartphone – right!

Well, yeah, but unless you have fingers like a needle, don’t mind pinching, zooming or scrolling, no-one will hang around because they can’t read the content, navigate through the tabs or interact with your web pages. Have a contact form – drop downs – don’t even go there!

Some stats:

  • More people (around 59% in Australia) will access the Internet through a smartphone over a PC.
  • 3 out of 5 mobile users that visit your website will leave immediately if it is not mobile ready or responsive.
  • Over 80% of Australian businesses do not provide mobile traffic with a user-friendly experience.
  • She’ll not be right! Mobile users are impatient.

Should I switch to a mobile ready website?

Absolutely. That way you can have one website that caters for all your website traffic on any device. And because it’s built on a fluid, flexible grid the responsive layout re-sizes and re-orientates your desktop site for mobiles of any screen resolution.

But I have a shopping cart website.

Did I say absolutely, sorry I meant immediately. The stats are the same regardless and a consumer-purchasing proposition must be a painless process. Non-responsive websites make purchasing products a bit of a nightmare – you may have experienced this yourself?

To answer your question, yes, your mobile website can also handle shopping carts – cool!

Visit to get your website ready for mobile!

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