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Introducing the INDOOR SCULLER – A True Revolution in Indoor Training!

Sculling is unique!

It uses– symmetrically – almost every muscle in the body, but with less cyclic movements per minute than virtually any other aerobic exercise, resulting in less wear-and-tear on the body.  Although the muscle contractions are often at or near maximal, no gravity shocks the spine, hips, knees or ankles.  The Indoor Sculler truly simulates sculling.

The Limited-Tilt Seat enhances the coordination benefits of the sculling action by adding balance.  It requires the rower to sit symmetrically, engaging the core muscles.  This equalises the load on the spine by promoting correct spinal posture whilst exercising.  The Indoor Sculler provides the ultimate core exercise. The core is engaged dynamically – as it should be: a link between the arms and legs.

The 17kg Floating Mainframe reduces the inertial forces at the beginning and end of the stroke because body speed is six times slower than on a fixed rowing machine. The result is a smoother action—600% less shock absorbed by the user’s tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Train Strength, Endurance, Coordination and Balance simultaneously. Develop TRUE fitness and strength Faster & Smarter.

For more information please contact Rowperfect on 02 9939 9777 or admin@rowperfect.com.au

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