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Introducing The iFit Vue

In Australia, being fit and healthy is at the core of everything we do. There is always a slight pressure to look good and eat well due to the nature of the climate we live in and the lifestyles we choose to lead.

We are constantly on the lookout for the hottest new fitness trends and newest products to keep us fit, eat healthier and sleep better. With the influx of fitness trackers now available, we naturally want the easiest yet most efficient device to help us unify all these components to achieve the desired results, in a user friendly way.

iFit® is the first ever technology that will streamline your fitness activities and nutrition from the office, the home, to the gym. It will change the way you work out, track your daily activity and also the foods you eat. With its web-enabled fitness equipment, wearables and mobile apps, iFit® is the most informative and accurate device available.

iFit® technology does more than just track your daily activity; it will track your sleep and personalise your wakeup schedules, it will track your calorie intake and cross reference against the calories burnt that day and help you plan weight loss/fitness goals and schedules based on this data. In fact it is your daily fitness buddy.

iFit® technology is available in three forms:

  1. iFit® Connected Wearables – the iFit Link, Active, Vue, Axis HR, Classic, and Duo
  2. iFit® Connected Fitness Equipment – Treadmills, Ellipticals, Exercise Bikes, Strength Machines.
  3. iFit® Membership – a subscription service that links exercise, nutrition, sleep tracking, and more to provide each member with a personalised coaching and recommendations to accomplish their fitness goals.

The iFit® Vue is a sleek, wearable device that will automatically detect when you are walking, running, swimming or sleeping. It is Bluetooth enabled heartrate compatible and, with its touch screen display, allows you to view messages and stats as you go as well as inputting calories directly onto the device. It will link to all other iFit® technology, including the phone app, to work together to track your daily activity, nutrition and sleep.

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition. iFit® technology allows you to not only set goals for yourself, but also spark up friendly rivalries with friends, colleagues and family. You can also share your amazing progress to show off and make them jealous!

Even if you don’t reach your goals, iFit® will come up with programs to help you reach them. These programs may take you running through Sydney or cycling alongside the Tour de France route with the help of Google Maps™. iFit® enabled equipment will also adjust the inclines and declines to match the geo-tags from these locations.

So, forget your standard fitness trackers, iFit®’s state of the art combined technology from trackers to gym equipment, is the only way to manage your fit and healthy lifestyle in one unified place.

RRP for the iFit Vue is $149 and it will be available at Rebel and Amart stores from October 2015 and online.

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