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IntegraPay’s Merchant Solution Reduces Chargebacks for Fitness Industry

A fitness industry merchant solution, designed to reduce chargebacks has been launched by leading payment solutions provider IntegraPay.
Brisbane based IntegraPay who has been designing payment solutions for the fitness industry for 15 years came up with the solution in response to fitness industry feedback.

IntegraPay’s General Manager David Urry who is known for his innovative approach, set about to solve the chargeback issue, whereby cardholders who fail to recognise a charge on their statement can call their bank and have the charge reversed immediately while an investigation takes place. This starts a lengthy process whereby the fitness operator must prove the charge was legitimate.

“Understandably chargebacks are a huge issue for the industry. Creating an efficient payment process is at the heart of the IntegraPay operation. Our systems development team is focused on tailoring products for the fitness industry to help improve profitability. We partnered with a leading bank to deliver this best of breed merchant solution” he said.

According to the leading Australian bank who partners with IntegraPay to offer this Merchant Solution, the IntegraPay product achieves the lowest rate of chargebacks in the industry.

“IntegraPay can identify and communicate the actual name of the merchant delivering the fitness session which naturally reduces the chargebacks by customers.”

“The cardholder can clearly see where the transaction occurred. Which at the end of the day saves the fitness operator time and money investigating chargeback claims.”

The IntegraPay Merchant Solution can be integrated with electronic direct debit registration (EDDR) and supports recurring and realtime payments processing of Visa, MasterCard, Amex and debit cards. An additional feature of this Merchant Solution is its ability to process expired cards where a customers has signed up for recurring payments.

About IntegraPay

IntegraPay is an Australian company processing payments for customers worldwide. With a focus on automation, IntegraPay offers a robust and reliable payment solution with streamlined efficiency. Our products are designed to optimise cash flow.

IntegraPay is a world leader in recurring bank debit, e-commerce and real time payment solutions. The solutions are tailored to meet the needs of clients who require integrated and secure payment products. IntegraPay holds an Australian Financial Services Licence and maintains PCI DSS Level 1 (Version 2) Security. IntegraPay is a single point of connection to access the world of payment processing. IntegraPay provides payment services to companies in Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom and China.

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