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Hugh Jackman Gets Fit With The Boxmaster

The Boxmaster is a boxing-based training format that promises to revolutionise how gym members perceive boxing. With its ability to cater to all types of members, it could excite and encourage greater participation in this style of training.

Previously, the only way to train people (especially in a gym environment) using boxing, was to use focus mitts. Some of the commonly faced challenges with this are:

  • Potential for injury for the members, which increases the insurance risks for both instructors and the gym itself.
  • Potential danger for instructors, from injury and impact.
  • Could only be done in a 1-on-1 situation.

The key to the innovative Boxmaster design is in the spring system attached to each pad. These springs have been set up to replicate punching a focus mitt, by offering a slight ‘give’ in the pads on impact. The result of this is a significant reduction in the risk of injury, to both the members and instructors.

The Boxmaster is a non-intimidating way to encourage members of all boxing abilities into a different style of training. We know this to be true, as currently around 55% of Boxmaster participants are females. Furthermore, the pads are specially set up so it can cater to both right-hand and left-hand (Southpaw) dominant participants. The Boxmaster can also be easily adjusted (within 10 seconds) to cater for any participant height.

In terms of durability, typically each Boxmaster unit tested after 600+ classes show no signs of needing any pad changes or adjustments to the machine.  The optimum amount of space required to cater for four Boxmaster pieces is 4m x 5m.

An example class structure is as follows:

  •  Warm up: 5 minutess
  •  Body of class: 21 minutes
  •  Cool-down and class changeover: 4 minutes
  •  7 x Active punching rounds (using the Boxmaster) – 90 seconds each
  •  7 x Active recovery rounds (at the rear of the room) – 90 seconds each

To find out more visit or to click below to watch a video of Hugh Jackman using the Boxmaster.

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