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Heel Hop for a Healthy Sexy You

High heels in the Gym? Yes that’s right – in the Gym! Enter HEEL HOP® – the latest dance Group Fitness craze, created by renowned dancer and certified fitness instructor, KAMILAH. Kamilah, a backup dancer for music stars like 50 Cent and R. Kelly and herself a finalist on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” had the idea to combine her love of heels with her love of exercise.

HEEL HOP® is a low-impact, full body workout that transforms with proven results. HEEL HOP® rescues women from the pain and discomfort associated with wearing high heels by teaching KAMILAH’s proprietary technique, while cultivating a stronger inside and out:
• Unleashes Confidence
• Leaner, Longer, Lower Body
• Cardio Vascular Strength
• Smaller Waistline
• Toned Legs
• Great Dance Moves
• Put the Spice Back in Your Life

Kamilah trademarked her 60-minute, all-high-heel workout and currently teaches it in her Los Angeles studio, as well as for clients from New York City to Tokyo and Moscow.

“It’s a fun class and you don’t hear of this anywhere else,” one client, sweating her way through pelvic lifts, arm lifts and more in Kamilah’s class, told ABC News. “She’s just a different instructor than most women that I’ve met.”

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