Tuesday , July 5 2022
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If you drove a high performance car you would not dream of putting low octane fuel in it.

The human body is a more sophisticated and finely balanced energy production unit than the fastest racing car engine ever built. Yet many of your clients are putting low octane food into theirs. As you know, it sabotages their performance, both mental and physical.

They are tired or sluggish in the mornings, they clag out early, they forget things or have “senior moments” at ever earlier ages. This is not normal. It is a marked reduction in mental and physical well being from earlier generations.

Most protein or energy bars I have seen are full of manufactured substances that provide partial nutrition. Healthelicious bars are full of nutrient dense, natural whole foods – seeds, nuts, fruits, powders, herbs, spices and binding agents. To make them I add no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no artificial preservatives, no grains, no excitotoxins and no fillers.

Before you even consider recommending them to your clients or stocking them, get a trial pack for yourself. See what I mean when I say, “For elite mental and physical performance, turbo-charge your nutrition and feel the energy boost!”

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