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Hard Candy Fitness – Toronto

Madonna’s fitness club chain stays with GANTNER

The Queen of Pop is not only one of the most successful singers in the world, she is also well-known for her perfectly trained body and passion for fitness.

So it was a natural move that she should found a fitness chain of her own, based on her long years of training.

Hard Candy represents exclusive fitness experience, first-class equipment and luxurious spa areas. Since opening the first studios in Mexico, Madonna and her team have relied on high-tech solutions from GANTNER.

Including when they expanded into Canada, where Madonna herself not only opened the club herself, but also personally led a class. Whilst the club’s members are busy training or relaxing in the around 4,000 m2, their possessions are safely stored in lockers, protected by a battery-powered RFID-based GANTNER locker system which works perfectly with a special Hard Candy laser-branded bracelet, or a printed membership card from GANTNER.

The whole club carries Madonna’s stamp of approval, and not only fans but anyone looking for a top-notch fitness program and first-class equipment in Toronto, should take a look at Hard Candy.


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