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Guy Leech Launches First Step

Train 365 Days a Year, with Guy Leech

Australia’s Number One Fitness Guy launches 12 month online lifestyle improvement program to challenge “quick fix” fads.

Your first step to a lifetime of healthier living starts with Guy Leech. “Australia’s Number One Fitness Guy” and the former World Iron Man Champion, has today launched a 12 month online lifestyle improvement program, designed to support people seeking to become a healthier version of themselves.

Called First Step and accessible via smart phone, tablet or computer, the program coaches users to create healthier every day habits, day by day, over one year, by completing a series of simple, easy to follow weekly tasks involving nutrition, movement and thinking.

The brainchild of “Leechy”, who today celebrates his 50th birthday and half a century of healthy living, the idea for First Step evolved after Guy successfully coached TV and radio personality Jono Coleman to lose more than 40kg, and keep it off for four years and counting.

“Research shows that it can take up to 224 days to form a habit and unlike a number of ‘quick fix’ six and 12 week challenges on the market today, First Step allows users enough time to develop healthy habits that last,” says Guy, who in his 30 year fitness career has also coached the likes of Madonna, George Clooney, Layne Beachley and Kieren Perkins. “Creating sustainable, lasting change starts in the mind. The neural network that enables old behavioural habits needs to be rewired and this means focusing on habits daily – one day, one habit, at a time,” he says.

In addition to setting weekly tasks that earn participants rewards in the form of points, badges and trophies once completed, First Step provides instructional and educational videos from Guy and a team of health experts. Behaviour and motivational coach Mike Duff, raw food expert and founder of The Raw Food Kitchen, Amanda Brocket, and Judie Davie, founder of health and wellness organisation The Food Coach, feature throughout the program and offer advice and tips via video to keep users on track and motivated.

First Step also draws on strategies that the likes of surfing champion Layne Beachley, Olympic beach volleyball gold medallist Kerri Pottharst, INXS’s Kirk Pengilly and TV personality Tom Williams, use to lead a healthy lifestyle, shared through video interviews available exclusively to First Step members. Users can also compete with family, friends or work colleagues for added motivation.

But while the principles First Step is based on lead to dramatic weight loss for Coleman, Guy insists that First Step is more than just a weight loss or fitness program, instead taking a far more realistic and holistic approach to health.

“While many other programs focus on only one element of health, like fitness or weight loss, First Step is really about improving your overall lifestyle in a sustainable and achievable way,” says the father of two, once crowned as Australia’s Fittest Athlete. “But of course, in doing this, users may well experience ‘side effects’ like weight loss, increased energy and vitality and a more positive, motivated and happy state of mind!”

“Turning 50 really got me thinking about my own mortality and how we only have one life to live,” continues Guy. “I’ve been pretty healthy all my life and I want to show others that it’s this consistency, rather than fad detoxes, diets and unrealistic training programs, that makes all the difference. First Step is about showing people that although there are no short cuts or quick fixes, the journey to lifelong health can be fun and engaging, with the rewards paying off in dividends. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to take the first step to a healthier you,” he says.

Offering the support of regular email updates and videos from Guy and the First Step team, as well as updates of their progress, users can join as individuals, or as part of a corporate team. The program also has an in-depth resource section offering recipes and downloadable workout sheets to keep you on track. First Step is launching with an introductory FREE four week trial. Following the trial, signing up to First Step costs just $1 a day, with a minimum commitment of three months, it’s then charged monthly. For more information, visit

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