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Group Move - Interactive Live-streaming

Group Move Brings Interactive Live-streamed Fitness To Australia & NZ

A live-streaming fitness platform that is taking the UK by storm has been brought to Australia and New Zealand by leading leisure industry software provider Jonas Leisure.

The new service, dubbed Group Move for the Australasian market, makes it easy for gyms, health centres and leisure providers to stream live group fitness classes that allow participants to interact with instructors and each other during each session.

Mike Henton - CEO Jonas Leisure“The beauty of Group Move is that it is truly interactive and has been built specifically for the leisure and fitness industry,” said Jonas Leisure chief executive Mike Henton.

“Many other services only allow instructors to upload pre-recorded video, or if they are live, they don’t feel like a group workout with others. Group Move changes the game by allowing participants and instructors to all be on screen and interacting with each other during each session, making online group fitness classes an engaging social experience.”

The UK version of the platform is proving popular, particularly during the current Government-imposed lockdown to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

A huge variety of instructors and fitness centres have listed their classes on an easy-to-search website and thousands of participants are working up a sweat each day as they enjoy scheduled live streaming classes from the comfort of home.

Group Move - Activity OptionsMr Henton said he expected Group Move to have a similar impact on participation in online fitness classes in Australia and New Zealand.

Businesses and instructors would also benefit from the ability to generate new income and improve engagement with existing clients.

Built-in payment functionality makes it easy for fitness providers to offer pay-as-you-go options for people who want to try out new live-streamed classes and fitness types. Businesses could also use Group Move to offer classes free of charge to existing members via personalised and branded apps or web pages listing all of the classes they offer, Mr Henton said.

“This will be an invaluable resource for Australian and New Zealand fitness providers and instructors, many of whom are finding it difficult to operate at the moment because of the temporary closure of their facilities.”

Want to find out more?
Fitness providers and instructors that want to subscribe to Group Move to host and promote their classes are encouraged to contact Jonas Leisure by phone on 02 9906 7522 or by email at Jonas leisure is also running a webinar introducing Group Move on Wednesday 22 April.


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