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Gold’s Health & Fitness Rotarua Achieve Debit Success

One stop health and fitness at Gold’s Rotorua

Rotorua’s largest fitness centre, Gold’s Health & Fitness, is an extensive 24/7 one stop health and fitness organisation with a range of facilities, from two large exercise rooms with more than 100 machines to swimming and spa pool memberships.  So how does an organisation like this keep on top of its membership payments?  Easily, thanks to full service payment solutions provider, Debitsuccess, part of Transaction Services Group.

Gold’s Health & Fitness had humble beginnings.  Back in 1987, it was established with the aim of making fitness affordable to everybody.  Over the years it has seen significant growth – it’s now the fastest growing gym in Rotorua and continues to deliver its promise of guaranteed value and great service to all members.

Steve Gardiner from Gold’s Health & Fitness says this growth has been supported by Debitsuccess.

“Having a business help us to help our members makes a significant difference,” says Steve.  “Some years ago we tried doing the administration related to our members’ payments ourselves but it soon became too much for us.  Having Debitsuccess support us in this manner enables us to do what we do best – provide an outstanding health and fitness facility for our members.”

Steve adds: “Debitsuccess is always there for us – it’s a great company to work with.  The team always goes the extra mile to ensure all parties are happy and makes it easier for our members to manage their subscriptions.”

Such an approach is based on the subscription economy – a business model that’s increasingly being used by small and medium sized businesses through to large companies to secure reliable cash flow.  This is where customers have the ability to pay for goods and services via a regular, frequent instalment plan, rather than a large lump sum.

As with a number of industries, data security is also integral to the Gold’s Health & Fitness – fortunately, it’s a feature Debitsuccess prides itself on.

“The security of personal information is very important to myself and our clients,” says Steve.  “Being assured that there’s excellent data security encourages our members to look at direct debits options.  Debitsuccess also stays with the times and continues to upgrade and invest in new technology to streamline processes.”

With confidence in security and technology, and the advantages of consistent cashflow and saving time, Gold’s Health & Fitness is able to focus on other aspects of its organisation.

“If your business is considering how to manage recurring payments, I would say give Debitsuccess a go,” says Steve.  “The rates are reasonable and the returns are great.”

For more information about how Debitsuccess can help your organisation with sign-ups and billing of memberships, click here.

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