Global Fitness Business Coaching Company NPE Announce New Asia-Pacific Director

9th February, SYDNEY, Australia

Sean Greeley, CEO of global fitness business coaching company NPE has appointed Andre Sauer as the Asia-Pacific Director. Former Co-Founder and Managing Director of NPE’s regional office in Asia-Pacific from 2007 – 2014, Sauer’s return to the helm comes as growth in the sector continues to increase.

“We’re thrilled to bring Andre back as he has an outstanding record of business success across the Asia-Pacific region, including deep knowledge of Australia, New Zealand, and the South East Asian markets,” said Greeley.

“Andre is an experienced leader and a great strategist. He understands professional business management and the nuances that help make all the differences for our clients. Andre knows how to help fitness business owners become not only more profitable, but help them find more time for themselves and their families…and that’s fundamentally what NPE and our growing family of clients consider real business success,” Greeley continued.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Since 2006, NPE Coaching has helped over 36,000+ fitness business owners in 96+ countries grow their business and create the life they want. It is an award winning global company with a team of over 50+ staff across three offices in Orlando, London, and Sydney.[/box]

Exciting opportunities and growth forecast.

Sauer is excited to be back working with professionals in the fitness industry. “Seeing our clients turn from struggling personal trainers to successful business owners, that make a difference in their local communities is what brought me back into the industry,” said Sauer.

“Asia-Pacific has a fast-growing middle class who is increasingly interested in improving their health and fitness–and who isn’t satisfied with one-size-fits-all, big box chains where clients are on their own and can easily get injured and give up,” said Andre. “My passion is for fitness business owners to meet these growing needs and offer the personalized services and support that can make a big difference for clients’ health and fitness journeys.”

NPE’s Six Stages of Fitness Business Growth.

Sauer believes NPE offers a unique growth structure for both newly certified personal trainers and veteran fitness business owners.

“NPE’s Six Stages of Fitness Business Growth is one of a kind,’ explains Sauer. ‘No one else lays out the roadmap of the challenges fitness business owners will face, as well as the solutions and personal growth required, for lasting success. Whenever I show the six stages map to fitness business owners, no matter what stage they’re in, they’ll say, “Yes, that’s what I am going through and what I need to do next.”

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Unlike simple online courses, marketing agencies/services, and mastermind groups that serve the fitness industry, NPE is the only one that digs into the real numbers that drive long-term success and stability in business.[/box]

Extensive experience in Asia-Pacific.

Sauer has an extensive executive background and track record throughout Asia-Pacific, including assisting startups in the technology industry, and serving as managing director in technology-driven companies in Malaysia. A native of Germany, Sauer studied and lived in China to work in international business before being recruited to work in Malaysia. He moved to Australia in 2007 to raise his family in his wife’s hometown of Perth, Australia.

There, Sauer met fitness business owner Ric Isaac (now NPE Sales Manager) in a local Mastermind Group. The two founded Fit for Profit (FFP) in 2007, having licensed NPE’s programs, resources, and tools to assist the growing fitness industry in Australia. The organization grew quickly, NPE and FFP recognized the natural fit to bring FFP in-house under the NPE banner, and in 2013 NPE purchased FFP with Sauer remaining onboard.

Sauer will work with NPE’s Asia-Pacific’s Coaching Manager, Tom Hart, currently headquartered in New Zealand.

About NPE
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