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Free Fitness Wall Chart for Clubs and Studios

Members of the Australian Defence Force need to be strong and coordinated with superior endurance. And they don’t let just anyone in. Recruits need to pass a physical fitness assessment to make sure they can meet the minimum fitness requirements. This year, Pro-Visual Publishing, in collaboration with Australian Fitness Network, has released the National Guide to Fitness & Health with a focus on fitness and nutrition from the perspective of an Australian Defence Force recruit.

This free resource demonstrates step-by-step instructions on how to perform exercises correctly, as well as how to gain the most from your workouts. The chart also includes nutritional advice from Dr Rebecca Reynolds, PhD, which highlights the importance of a balanced diet, to ensure you are getting enough calories, carbohydrates, protein, water and electrolytes – necessary for you to perform at your best.

Thanks to sponsorship, the National Guide to Fitness & Health 2013/14 is distributed free of charge to fitness facilities nationwide, so look out for your copy. Or for further information, or to obtain additional copies of the chart, phone 02 8272 2611, email or visit

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