FoxyFusion Turns Housewives into Vixens in 55 Minutes!

From Housewife to Sexy Vixen in 55 minutes

Women around Australia are getting fitter, whilst spicing up their sex lives using new neo-burlesque inspired fitness classes launching around the country.

Gold Coast professional dancer, choreographer and dance-fitness expert, Angie Ross said this new program is launching around Australia that is revolutionising the way women approach health and fitness.

“Women have had remarkable improvements not only in their fitness, but in the bedroom simply by doing these new classes,” said Miss Ross.

“We see a huge increase in confidence (even in the first class), and less hiding up the back,” she said. “Women are laughing more with each other and commenting on how much more spice they have or want to have in the bedroom. Some are even attending the gym more as a result of the confidence it’s giving them. Our classes encourage women to feel ok being sexy in their own body. For this hour, they are vixens.”

Miss Ross said women who normally would go to the gym and walk on a treadmill are now:

  • Getting more spontaneous and cheeky
  • Increasing their stamina in the gym (and the bedroom)
  • Feeling more confident to try out new workouts and even a dance class or two
  • Enjoying exercise more often
  • Having sex more often

Miss Ross said women are recruiting their friends and even bringing props to get in to the mood of the class.

“This can include feather boas, heels, hats and scarves. In a world where women are becoming more androgynous, we love being able to re-ignite their feminine confidence and energy – all through a 50 minute fitness class.”

“There has been a huge shift in thinking, in which women are now more knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness – therefore demanding more inspiring and creative workouts from the industry” says Ms Pettiford.

Angie and Edwina run the HumanFusion® – Dance for Fitness program in gyms and dance studios throughout Australia (and soon to be in their new HQ on the Gold Coast), including FoxyFusion® which is the burlesque-inspired fitness class.

Times and locations can be found by visiting the website

Angie is a single mum with a five-year-old and has over 25 years’ dance experience including 15 years as a belly dancer and group fitness instructor. Edwina has three children and is a professional bodybuilder and fitness professional.

HumanFusion® is the first Australian dance-based group fitness program of it’s king and is rolling out nationally throughout 2014 with classes already in QLD, VIC, NSW, ACT and WA.

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