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Food Tip of the Week: Check your bread slices

Some people prefer to skip the bread altogether but for those who enjoy a slice or two a day it is important to know that there are vast differences in terms of the carbohydrate content of the different slices of bread. While wholegrain is always preferable to white and wholemeal types of break, you do need to be careful as some of the large grain bread slices can contain almost double the carbohydrate content than that of the smaller slices so check your labels. Indeed, there are also vast differences between the different gluten free options so also something to be mindful of.

Bread (per 2 slices) Total Cal  Total Carbs (g) Total Fibre (g)
Helga’s Wholemeal Grain 212 37.8 3.4
Burgen Soy Linseed 198 26.1 5.9
Tip Top 9 Grain 184 26.0 4.8
Lawson’s Grain 275 47.1 5.8
Burgen Gluten Free Soy Linseed 250 33.9 4.3
PureBred Country Grain 115 21.8 6.5
Country Life Multigrain 190 34.2 2.3
Mission Grain Wrap 214 31.9 2.6
BarleyMax Wrap 120 10.8 10.4


Infomation by nutritionist Susie Burrell

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