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Flowin Friction Training - The Future Of Physical Fitness

Flowin Friction Training – The Future Of Physical Fitness

The FLOWIN® Concept consists of a functional exercise targeting stability, mobility, strength, balance, speed, and power.

The basic principles of the FLOWIN® Concept is based on vertically constricted movements over a larger plate, while friction is off-loaded by smaller pads sliding horizontally across the plate. The pad and plate friction has been carefully optimized for a safe yet effective motion, which the exerciser is able to fully master by simply altering the amount of applied pressure on the pads. Hence FLOWIN® FRICTION TRAINING™.

For the fitness instructor and individuals, Friction Training™ with the FLOWIN® plate offers functional core express classes and superior circuit classes. The FLOWIN® concept adds a new dimension to group formats, as well as to personal training.

The FLOWIN® high friction device and the training techniques enable strength training without the use of weights, and the workout provides resistance along horizontal, vertical, rotational and diagonal vectors. The plate is also a great dynamic stretching tool, allowing flexibility training during strength exercises. The use of multiple movement levels and multi-joint exercises will give you an invaluable workout, no matter if the trained muscles are primary movers, secondary movers or stabilizers. Friction Training™ with the FLOWIN® plate will help you improve stability, mobility, balance, control, and co-ordination. It will also render increased performance, improved posture and reduced injury risk. Friction Training™ with the FLOWIN® device, utilizing free motion full-body movements helps everyone to develop core strength and to become stronger, faster and more explosive.

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