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Craig Mac Interviews Greg Doherty HQH Fitness CEO and Managing Director

Five Questions With HQH Fitness CEO Greg Doherty

Craig Mac interviews the Director and CEO of HQH Fitness, Greg Doherty on the changing landscape of the fitness industry, new challenges facing gym and studio owners and how to get the most out of your functional training space.

Fitness is an ever-evolving industry that often goes full circle in its methods and theories. Now, like our earliest forefathers, we are once again moving back to a functional approach to fitness: where the definition of being fit means having the strength, balance, mobility, agility and muscular endurance to handle any task. HQH Fitness is bringing the “functional” and “fun” back and with over 22 years serving the Australian and New Zealand market, they know the industry and are a brand that should you look to trust.

Craig: HQH Fitness is the supplier of Total Gym equipment. Is there a misconception of the Total Gym product in the commercial fitness space?

Greg: We do find that some people confuse the Total Gym Commercial product range with the long running home use product seen on TV. The Total Gym Commercial product range is fit for purpose and commercial service. Total Gym has also expanded the product offering to 12 unique pieces that are all commercial grade and can be implemented in a variety of ways.

Craig: Tell me a little more about the ELEVATE™ Series and why it’s a perfect fit for a commercial environment?
Greg: ELEVATE™ Series is the only circuit on the market to feature functional bodyweight resistance on an adjustable incline. The complete circuit provides individuals a full-body workout in 30 minutes, while offering a group training environment that suits all user levels in the same session.

Each single station unit in the new ELEVATE™ Series is ideal as a stand-alone piece on the gym floor or perfectly suited for personal and small group training. Easily adjusted to accommodate all fitness levels they’ll even challenge the most seasoned athletes.

By facilitating over 90 exercises, from basic to advanced, the user is fully engaged time after time.

Add the Encompass unit to create an ELEVATE™ Super Circuit and you have up to 200 exercises. All this in a foot print of around 21 sqm.

Craig: What challenges do you see gym or studio owners facing in order to deliver a quality facility?

Greg: Well, I can see several challenges facing gym or studio owners including:

• Lack of space
• Maintaining a Unique Selling Proposition that sets them apart from the competition
• Providing long lasting and enticing programming to engage more members.
• Broadening their market reach to include more sectors of potential fitness customers

Craig: What considerations would you suggest to gym and studio owners who are considering an upgrade or a brand-new install at their facility?

Greg: I would encourage gym and studio owners to take a look at how any of our Total Gym products can be used in a variety of spaces to compliment their facility.

Either ELEVATE™ as a 5 or 6 piece circuit or any of the pieces on its own or the GRAVITY Studio model which has proven successful in Australia and globally. With more and more gyms creating functional and small group training areas, ELEVATE and GRAVITY is perfectly positioned to compliment this industry shift.

Craig: What’s new in 2018 from HQH Fitness?

Greg: The new look black ELEVATE™ product line is turning heads. Now that every piece has seven adjustable levels more able to suit every fitness level, we are seeing more orders and placements.

We are also very excited that the American Council On Exercise is about to release a peer reviewed study, showing the Total Gym Row Trainer as the only product on the market that can deliver Strength and Cardio at the same time – watch this space!

To speak with a team member at HQH Fitness call 1800 552 878, call Xen on 0451 080 465 or email

Article written by Craig Mac for the What’s New in Fitness Magazine.


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