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FITREC Introduce New Level Of Registration

FITREC Introduce New Level Of Registration have introduced a new level of registration to encourage more fitness professionals to become accountable.

Called FITREC ONE, this cheaper registration option provides a FITREC profile with essential information only – Primary qualification, current place of work and one reference. It also does not provide access to all services FITREC provide.

“Not all professionals are ready to purchase our FITREC PRO service,” says Dennis Hosking, FITREC’s founder and Managing Director. “FITREC ONE gives them the chance to get involved in industry accountability at a lower price point”.

Even with the new, cheaper, registration option, Dennis reports that, since launching a week ago, most professionals are still opting for FITREC PRO – The original FITREC registration that includes a complete profile, a FITREC rating and access to a range of services, including FITREC’s new session tracking software.

FITREC is a fitness registration service with a focus on using transparency and accountability to raise trust and build confidence in the fitness industry among the general public and allied health professionals.

Launched in Australia in 2015, FITREC provide a platform for qualified fitness professionals to easily communicate their education, experience, background and references. Our mission is simple. To help build stronger fitness careers and businesses.

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