fitnessU – NEW Fitness Courses That Are All About YOU!

fitnessU is powered by Australian Fitness Network, so these online Personal Training and Fitness Instructor Courses are backed by almost 30 years of experience and industry leadership.

With fitnessU you can get qualified online, gaining training experience from Australia’s leading professional trainers.

fitnessU is the only place that values your independence and freedom whilst studying fitness because of its flexibility, choices and support that fit your lifestyle and need to succeed. So you can do what you want to do and make a visible difference.

fitnessU is more than a personal training course, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why we developed fitnessU Cert III and Cert IV Qualifications to fit YOU, your lifestyle and your way of learning, so you can GO FOR IT! in your study, career and lifestyle. We’ve recruited mentors from our network of 10,000 fitness professional members to support our learners both online and offline.

We’ve added tools and techniques, such as insurance, membership, running a business and marketing, so you can hit the ground running, and succeed as a fitness professional. Plus you have the credibility and quality of 27 years of Australian Fitness Network’s fitness industry experience behind you and your qualifications.

Studying to become a personal trainer at fitnessU gives you the tools, training and team support so you can go for it in your fitness career. Our flexibility gives you freedom to integrate fitnessU into your active life, so you can do what you want to do and make a visible difference.

Learn. Train. Transform. fitnessU. GO FOR IT!

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