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Fitness Professionals Global Summit #2 Gavin Aquilina

The Fitness Professionals Global Summit #2 is a FREE online Summit, which is kicking off on 20 June. Learn more about the event by watching the video below, and enjoy the following personalised message from the founder, Gavin Aquilina.

“I am so excited about the Summit doors opening on 20 June 2016, and with our first three presenters how could we not be?
Dr Krista Scott Dixon shares some amazing insights into Motivational Interviewing (MI). She looks at:
  • Two crazy questions that will help your clients out of a motivational rout
  • Five top tips to keep your motivation in check
  • Her top tips you can use tomorrow to maximise client engagement and minimise client challenges
Brian Grasso, for those of you who follow and know BG he is amazing. You would also know that he recently had a scare in his personal life. For this reason he has had to focus completely on his family and is unavailable. It looks like it was the better of a few outcomes but our thoughts are still with you, Carrie and the family.
Therefore we will be replaying his FPGS#1 session. Brian discusses:
  • Mindset deficits
  • Not ‘what can we do’ as much as ‘what must we stop doing’
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Understanding unconscious programming
Paul Taylor a nutritionist, exercise physiologist, neuroscientist brings this combination together to blow your mind. He looks at:
  • How movement influences brain optimisation
  • Lesson we learnt going from locomotion on all fours to walking as homo erectus
  • Exercise and its impact on gene expression
  • The brain and behaviour change
From each presenter there’ll be so much take-home information, much of which you’ll be able to use straight away.
Plus, for just US$48,  you can upgrade to a VIP All Access Pass, and for this limited special price, you get lifetime access to watch or download:
  • All 19 presentations in MP4 video format
  • All 19 presentations in MP3 audio format
  • All 19 Summit transcripts in full
  • The powerpoint sldies from all 19 presentations
  • All 19 Summit transcripts summarised, a great option for those of us who are time poor.

To learn more about the Fitness Professionals Global Summit, watch the video below.


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