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Fitness Partnerships and Brand Ambassadors Vickie Saunders

Too many fitness professionals are trying to go it alone, working in silence and struggling to achieve their business ambitions and potential! The statistics are startling:

  • 50% of gyms fail within the first year of business
  • the average career life-span for a personal trainer is less than 12 months.

The fact is, that partnerships, however small or informal, can often be the key to increasing the success of a small business. By connecting with other individuals and organisations, fitness professionals can increase their capability and capacity to truly serve their target market, and in fact connect in with a wider segment of the market through these strategic relationships. Some of the examples suggested by Vickie Saunders, sponsorship and partnership expert, in her recent interview on the Fitness Business Podcast, include:

  • Gym + Nutritionist + Fashion Label + Photographer = Collaborating to offer clients an entire body makeover (Initially the training and nutrition, then once desired results are achieved, a photo shoot in fabulous clothing!).
  • Fitness Professional + Gym = Brand ambassador for gym, and both benefit from increased social media activity and exposure.

During the podcast, Vickie gave listeners a great insight into:

  • How organisations and individuals can partner with other businesses
  • Steps to fostering relationships that help achieve your business goals
  • And, the importance of building the network around your business.

The key points Vickie shared with listeners are:

  • Partnerships and sponsorships are all about mutual contribution for mutual effort.
  • When approaching potential partners look within your existing network first!

Remember, you are not asking for something, you are creating something awesome together.

Some of the best opportunities are staring us in the face – think about what is close to you – you might be surprised what you find.

You can read more about this topic in the Spring 2016 issue of the WNiF Magazine – out now!

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