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Fitness First Launches ‘The Zone’ – Sydney

Time poor fitness enthusiasts can now enjoy maximum results in minimum time, thanks to a world-first innovation focussed on dynamic movement training – The Zone.

The Zone is the latest innovation by Fitness First, who is leading both the Australian and global fitness industries with the custom built club, offering six zones, each dedicated purely to small group training, designed to push members’ fitness limits throughout the day.

Fitness First’s Head of Fitness, Rob Hale, said that The Zone was borne out of the need to be able to drive members’ motivation levels and improve their overall fitness in the shortest possible time.

“The Zone is a whole new way of training, offering superior overall fitness results in a shorter period of time through workouts that are time efficient and highly motivational. The work outs are each offered as a small group training session – with no more than 12 in a group, meaning there is no need for our members to ever have to work out on their own again,” Rob said.

“We know that machines don’t motivate people. We do. We want to work with our members to make sure they get the best possible work out – and the best possible results. And we’re confident that the small group training environment will not only allow our members to gain more interaction with our trainers, but will also allow them to share, compare and compete with other members in this fast, efficient training environment.”

Based in Sydney’s CBD and free of charge to Fitness First members, The Zone caters for every fitness level with each of the six zones offering progressive intensity, variety and challenge.

“Each zone brings together the best equipment with most innovative training programs, to help our members to burn fat, build strength and create lean muscle,” Rob said.

The Zone consists of:

  • Zone 1: Virtual Cycle – combination of instructor led and virtual cycle classes
  • Zone 2: Kinesis – the basic fundamentals of dynamic movement training with an entry level functional strength based workout
  • Zone 3: Freestyle – a fitness playground offering a variety of training methods, including Kettlebells, ViPR, ShockWave and Hardcore
  • Zone 4: Functional – designed to utilise bodyweight, combining suspension and rotational training
  • Zone 5: HIIT – high intensity interval training, featuring sled track, battleropes, kettlebells, plyometric soft boxes and boxing bags
  • Zone 6: Cross Training – advanced dynamic movement training, utilising Olympic bars, squat cages, suspension/chin up bars, torsonators, aqua bags and bumper plates

Delivered by Fitness First’s highly qualified trainers, The Zone features short 15, 30 and 45 minute workouts across each of the zones throughout the day – from open to close, with staggered 30 and 15 minute intervals.

Each of the workouts offered across the zones are based on the principles of Dynamic Movement Training. Rob Hale said, “Dynamic Movement Training is all about utilising the bodies’ natural movement patterns with three-dimensional exercises that involve the entire body working together by challenging the muscular, cardiovascular and neural system. Quite simply, a workout at The Zone will have you moving every part of your body to get the best possible workout and fast, efficient results.”

The Zone follows a number of new fitness innovations that have been introduced by Fitness First over the past 12 months.

Five new fitness products have been launched in clubs across Australia, each free of charge to members:

  • Bootcamp: Motivating team workouts in iconic outdoor locations
  • Shockwave: A high intensity rowing circuit workout in just 30 or 45 minutes
  • Small Group Training: Dynamic Movement Training on the gym floor with Kettlebells, ViPR, TRX and more; small groups of up to 12 members
  • Fitness Workshops: Active fitness education to improve form; small groups of up to 10 members
  • Fitness Program: Inspiring free sessions for members to show them how to correctly use equipment and create a motivational fitness program

Fitness First has invested more than $18 million in the past year in new club concepts, new sites, club refurbishments and innovative fitness products and programs and will increase its investment across the network.

“We’ve been listening to our members, and we’re committed to investing in innovative new products and concepts to help them reach their fitness goals. The Zone is the next step in that process,” Rob said.

The Zone opens to members on Monday 29 July at 5.30am and the schedule is available from

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