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Fitness Australia - The Next Phase written by Barrie Elvish for What's New in Fitness

Fitness Australia: The Next Phase

Fitness Australia: We’re pushing for a more physically active nation.

Fitness Australia’s next phase includes a heavy focus in its core business towards promoting physical activity to the public through partnerships with Government agencies like Sport Australia and the corporate and allied health sectors.

Our new strategic direction will see us as a key player in getting more Australians more physically active more often and our success will benefit our industry, and the Australian community.

Fitness Australia has an integral, and important, role to play in this initiative at a national level through effective advocacy underwritten by evidence-based research, a professional membership base and high quality accessible facilities. Give us your feedback.

There’s a new version of the Adult Pre-Exercise Screening Tool

In collaboration with Sports Medicine Australia and Exercise & Sports Science Australia, we’ve launched the newly developed Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System which includes an updated Screening Tool and User Guide.

Fitness Australia - The Next Phase - Business Membership

Pre-exercise screening is used to identify people who may have medical conditions which put them at a higher risk of an adverse event during physical activity/exercise.

It is a filter or ‘safety net’ to help determine if the potential benefits of exercise outweigh the risks for an individual.

The Adult Pre-Exercise Screening System has been a guiding resource for the health and fitness professions over the last seven years. Access the tool now.

We’ve partnered with Sportspeople on fitness industry job board

In April we partnered with Australia’s largest sports, fitness and recreation job board provider Sportspeople, to promote job vacancies of Fitness Australia Business Members, with the benefit of a 20% discount on job vacancy listings. Access the Jobs Board now.

Fitness Australia’s business members are also easily identifiable to jobseekers as preferred employers.

Being part of this discussion on a global scale has given us the opportunity to learn from international exemplars of good practice from our counterparts in other countries.

The 2019 Australian Fitness Awards winners

Fitness Australia awarded its 2019 Australian Fitness Awards winners at an exclusive event in Sydney, alongside the 2019 FILEX Convention on Thursday 11th April.

Fitness Australia - The Next Phase - A Career in Fitness

The Australian Fitness Awards are designed to recognise the remarkable contribution of fitness industry professionals and businesses, and the impact they have in their communities.

Congratulations to all winners and recipients! View the winners.

We’ve opened the Australian Register of Exercise Professionals to allow for more Degree qualified people.

The Australian Register of Exercise Professionals has now been broadened to allow for more of those who have relevant University Degrees.

Our new direction promotes the notion of having a broad spectrum of advisors of physical activity in its realm.

We’re listening to employers, and have recognised their needs for a more robust workforce, with the added credibility of being an AusREP.

If you’ve completed an Exercise/ Sport/Health Science Degree (or alike)* and want to Register with Fitness Australia please visit to get the process started.

Fitness Australia is the national peak fitness industry association which exists to empower over 22,000 AusREPs and 3,300 fitness businesses owners, with a vision to have more Australians be more active, more often.

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