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Final Preparations In Place For 2nd Annual Women’s Health And Fitness Summit

‘Women simply have different training needs than men,’ says Michelle Wright. ‘Not only do we need to consider our monthly cycles and hormone fluctuations, but also the cycles of our lives.’

Michelle is CEO of mishfit, a personal training service specialising in education and exercise prescription for pregnant and post-natal women. An advocate for women specific training, she created her business for this niche market after realising that there was a huge gap in the fitness industry that didn’t cater to women who have had children.

After having children and subsequently experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction, Michelle found that she was one of the 70 per cent of post-natal women who are affected by incontinence. More alarmingly, her research uncovered that up to 50 per cent of post-natal women may suffer from pelvic organ prolapse (where the bladder, bowel and/or uterus falls out).

‘This led me to learn as much as I could from wherever I could and from whomever I could,’ she says.

Her passion for training and educating women has produced two studios and eight franchises.

‘My background is education and in particular creating curriculum, so once I worked out how to work the pelvic floor; I put it into lesson plans and then into a curriculum,’ Michelle explains. ‘I realised that I could only be as effective as the women that I were training and if I franchised the business then I could reach a much greater audience.’

It was by identifying this deficit in the fitness industry that led Michelle to create the Women’s Health and Fitness Summit (WHFS), a platform where women’s health professionals and those working in the fitness industry could come together and learn from one another and work together to provide best possible training for clients.

‘As trainers, we have a key role in women’s health – we take the skills women learn from physio and put it in to a functional setting,’ explains Michelle.

The line up of female presenters for the 2015 Summit have been chosen for their knowledge and expertise in their specific fields and will inspire, motivate and most importantly educate trainers on everything from women specific nutrition to effective core training, and training for post-natal and pregnancy.

Leading UK women’s health educator, Jenny Burrell, is presenting three sessions including a diastasis and C-section recovery session, and will also be running an all day pre-summit Power Plate Post-Natal course.

Delegates can catch the latest women orientated fitness and health products at the Trade Show on Saturday from 10am before the summit kicks off with the Opening Ceremony at 1pm. The champagne and canapé event on Saturday evening is about kicking back and offers the perfect environment for networking. A pre-breakfast Flow Yoga session on Sunday sets the tone for the day with and be sure to check out the Body Art taster, the latest movement modality to hit Australia.

Michelle hopes that by getting more professionals (allied health and fitness industry) onboard and working together, professionals can provide a better outcome for clients.

‘I believe the WHFS is the ticket to creating relationships that will build your business and build your brand.’ She adds, ‘In the future, those people who have relationships with allied health will be the businesses that succeed and there’s going to be a scramble for that space. Training women is different, get ahead of the pack, come to the summit, create those relationships and up skill – you will not regret it.’

To find out more about the 2015 Women’s Health and Fitness Summit visit watch the video below or click here. Or, to find out more about the mishfit business click here.

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