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Fifi Box the New Face of New Atkins

Atkins Nutritionals Inc, a leader in weight management and healthy carbohydrate-controlled eating, today announced Fif Box, co-host of Austereo’s national Fifi&Jules Drive radio show, as the inaugural Australian Ambassador for New Atkins and the New Atkins Nutritional Approach.

As she steps into her role as a new mum, the candid radio presenter cited “taking her health more seriously” and “becoming a positive role model for her daughter” as motivating factors behind the decision to partner with New Atkins – as well as her previous success with the program to both lose and maintain weight, and control her long term sugar addiction.

“While the Atkins name has long been associated with low carb eating, the New Atkins Nutritional Approach is a scientifically reformulated version of the Atkins of old, and promotes the balanced consumption of lean protein and ‘good’ carbohydrates from vegetables, low sugar fruits, whole grains, nuts, legumes, diary and natural fats while eliminating ‘bad’ or ‘empty’ carbohydrates from processed foods such as white flour and sugar,” says the bubbly ambassador.

The program works on the premise that both carbohydrates and fat provide fuel for the body. When carbohydrates are available, the body chooses them first to transform into energy, with excess carbohydrates stored as fat.  When carbohydrates are carefully restricted, the body burns fat for fuel instead – including stored body fat – allowing people to lose or maintain weight. For full details, including a comprehensive suite of supporting scientific data go to

Have you had an experience with the New (or old?) Atkins approach? We’d love to hear about it below!

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