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F45 Jimboomba Has Breakthrough With EVOLT 360

F45 Jimboomba is a team-based functional training facility, combining cutting edge techniques with high grade equipment and extremely supportive staff.

The F45 Jimboomba pride themselves on treating members like part of the family, offering round the clock support in exercise and nutrition education.

The gym is relatively new in the Jimboomba area, they’ve only been operating since November 2017. However, they’ve already made a huge impact and a name for themselves in the community, supporting charity groups like A Chance for Change (Men’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Charity) and the Breast Cancer Foundation, as well as supporting local sports team and attending local events.

Owner, Krystal Manley was introduced to the EVOLT 360 back in July 2019, just as its members were about to start an 8-Week Challenge.

F45 TRAINING JIMBOOMBA - Owner Krystal Manley with New Evolt Body Composition Scanner

F45 Jimboomba run four 8-Week Challenges a year, designed to help members lose body fat, gain muscle and improve their overall lifestyle, so it was important to Krystal to have an effective system in place.

Impressed with its intelligent body composition technology and the tracking app and with such positive impact on the studio, Krystal decided to invest in an EVOLT 360 scanner for long-term use.

“Members can access the app and there’s a fantastic nutrition area where they can enter their body type and be able to calculate TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and macronutrient splits. For members this is amazing, as now they can really start to understand food better and what is required for them as an individual.”

F45 Jimboomba recently announced their overall winners for the July-September 8 Week Challenge, one of which was Ami Tulle. With the help of F45 trainers Ami followed her EVOLT 360 individual macronutrient profile for 8 weeks, seeing results the studio has never seen before. She lost a whopping 12.8% body fat and gained 2.6kgs of muscle, as well as lowered her bio age from 35 to 30.

Ami said her individual macronutrient profile gave her a better understanding of what her body needed to achieve her health and fitness goals.

“I always thought I was eating healthy, but the Evolt 360 scan showed that my total body fat was higher than I would like. The macronutrient profile increased my food intake and cleaned up my diet allowing my body to drop excess fat and gain lean muscle mass.”

“This 8-Week Challenge has been an incredible experience that I have found easy to follow and it has truly been a lifestyle change. I enjoy an abundance of healthy nutritionally rich food and I have plenty of energy for my training sessions.”

Krystal said the Evolt 360 not only has benefits for members, it also has a great admin portal.

“I love the Evolt interface for members in the Evolt Active App and there is a great admin portal. You can set up your challenge participants and run amazing reports and data sets which is great for giving feedback to our clients.”

F45 Jimboomba has just started it’s next 8-Week Challenge and Krystal is excited to see the end results.

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