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F45 – Franchising a Training Revolution

F45 Training is the culmination of years of experience in the industry between Australia’s celebrity trainer, Luke Istomin and his business partner Rob Deutsch.

After 10 years of working as an equities trader in London and Sydney, Rob decided it was time for something a little more rewarding. At the time, his friend Luke Istomin was really making his mark as a celebrity PT. While Luke was transforming Hugh Jackman for Wolverine, Rob racked his business brain on how they could together establish a saleable health and fitness license. They were always extremely confident of making a serious mark on the industry. They created a new style of training called F45.

This F45 style is a holistic approach to training, combining only the best parts of all cardio and resistance techniques. A group training experience that can only be described as unique, innovative, dynamic and most importantly FUN! With the blend of business acumen and PT genius, F45 has all the systems, structure and controls in place. F45 is a cult; it has to be experienced to believe. So much so, the brand has now trained Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, and Nicole Richie to name a few.

F45 Training is ahead of its time in many ways. As health education improves, the fitness world has become more focused on body fat composition and far less concerned of weight. Hence, the bathroom scale has become obsolete in this revolution. All recent scientific data suggests that interval cardio and strength training are the most effective methods of burning fat and building muscle.

Group training has exploded over the past few years. A majority trend has also been the emergence of a style of training referred to as functional training. F45 has built a style of training which combines the two most important trends in the health and fitness industry. This F45 workout combines functional training in a team environment. The result is an incredible atmosphere, that has to be experience to be believed.

In regard to competitors, nobody in Australia offers a system similar to F45 Training. F45 is totally unique, dynamic and way ahead of the current health and fitness trends not only in Australia, but globally. Convenience, reputation and quality set us apart from our competitors.

The F45 business provides clients with premium indoor functional fitness equipment that is inexpensive to acquire as a Licensee.

F45 Training will thrive in any area where time is of the essence: from major urban centers to suburban neighborhoods packed with residents on the go. Our functional training work out regime burns 800 calories in just 45 minutes. This has been proven day in and day out.

On average, the staff is comprised of two instructors, one of which doubles as a manager. Either:

  • Be an owner operator and also instruct with the help of a PT or
  • Be an investor in the license and install a manager to operate the business with the help of a PT on your behalf.

Staffing and operating efficiencies are major components of why F45 is the right choice to become an F45 Training licensee.

Sites are already selling extremely fast and we expect this to be one of the fastest growing health and fitness licenses over the coming years. Take a look at the video below for more information about franchising or to watch Luke’s segment on Sunrise, watch the second video below.

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