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EZeMember - Fitness Software Made Easy

EZeMember – This Is THE Smart Member Management System

EZeMember is The Smart Member Management System gives your business the edge.

EZeMember allows you to choose to have your data in the cloud or on your desktop. The benefits of course are enormous with your data in the cloud which gives you access from anywhere and anytime. You have peace of mind with your data in the cloud as we utilise Microsoft Cloud which is one of the safest in the world with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

With EZeMember you can run your check-in and POS standalone so if you lose internet connection or your server goes down you can keep doing check-ins and selling products. So when your internet comes back online all information is automatically resynced.

EZeMember caters for all types of gyms, so whether you’re large or small, 24/7 or you’re a chain allowing members to visit your other centres. EZeMember manages your processing and member communications efficiently.

EZeMember also manages your prospects equally well. It’s important to know that your marketing dollars are working to bring you new prospects because these prospects are your new members. You could even have a popup store at a local shopping centre signing up members which automatically updates to EZeMember and to your direct debit provider so there are no bits of paper to be lost, or you could simply record expressions of interest. You can have members signup directly from your website and soon they can make online bookings or modify their profile all while sitting on their couch.

EZeMember will streamline your administrative processing by utilising the many fully automatic tasks from processing your direct debits to communicating with your members or prospects…so while the system does the work for you your staff can concentrate on being the best they can be in providing the highest quality of customer service to give your business the edge.

If you’d like more information we would be happy to discuss your specific needs, just call us on +61 7 3720 0700.


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