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EYE Fitness Host Stages Cycling Power Training Roadshow

Throughout November and December EYE Fitness will be hosting a Stages roadshow and they’d love to walk you through how power training on the Stages bike is taking the cycling industry by storm.

Cycle training over the last ten years, and longer, has been dominated by RPM style classes in big gyms and boutique fitness studios alike. There has never been a rival to it’s style, focus has always been on speed and heart rate – until now!

Power training is a very different technique and is here as a big contender in the indoor cycle training game.

The world’s top cyclists – like Tour de France winner Chris Froome – use the state-of-the-art Stages bike and power training to train, improve and ultimately, to win. Focusing on Functional Threshold Power (FTP) training and using the innovative Stages power measurement system to work through seven different power zones can shave seconds off performances and aid any athlete to get more from their workout with the precision of training with power.

At EYE Fitness they’re passionate about this style of training and excited to see the impact it’s making on indoor cycling – but rather than just tell you about it and expect you to be convinced, they’d like to show you.

The Stages roadshow, during November and December will bring you a real-life demo on the Stages bike, showing you exactly how the bike works and how power training can have a huge impact on your training and the benefits to your members’ and clients’ training. It can add a massive point of difference to your fitness facility and we’re keen to show you exactly how.

EYE Fitness’s Sales and Marketing Director, Nick Aspinall, says, “We can’t wait to show people how power training works, how it is different to how they usually train on an indoor bike and show them the benefits and innovation of the Stages bike.

“We’ve found that seeing the bike in action and trying it first hand at trade shows and conferences has really engaged people into thinking about indoor cycle training in a different way and looking at Stages as an alternative offering to provide to their customers to stand out from the crowd. We’d like to bring that experience to many more people.”

Plus, there’s an exclusive special November special on offer. Find out more by contacting EYE Fitness today.

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