EYE Fitness introduces NEXERSYS to Australia

EYE Fitness Gears Up For a One-Two Punch, as Nexersys Sets to Revolutionise Fitness in Australia and NZ Clubs

EYE Fitness is excited to introduce the innovative Nexersys Interactive Boxing Stations to the Australian and NZ fitness market. The Nexersys Interactive Boxing Station delivers an intelligent and interactive full-body functional, high impact and cardio workout. It includes the motivation of a personal trainer, the benefits of high intensity interval training and the entertainment and feedback from today’s gaming and computer technology.

“Nexersys is one training system that understands that the user experience is everything,” says EYE Fitness owner and founder David Norman.

“The Nexersys Commercial model is engineered and designed for the commercial fitness environment to withstand dozens of users each day. The Nexersys system stores up to 200 unique user profiles and comes loaded with an Attract and Engage video mode for quick and easy demonstrations.”

The Nexersys gives users the options of cardio, core, strike training, technique, avatar sparring and avatar follow-me rounds which include a 30-second instruction and warm up, 3 minutes of intense exercise, and a 30-second cool down and performance recap.

For more information on Nexersys watch the video below or click here.

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